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Welcome to dubaidiamondtrading.com , The Dubaidiamondtrading.com is established to facilitate the flow of diamond  commodity trade through Dubai, is uniquely positioned to serve as an interface between the traders and manufacturers of polished diamonds & rough diamonds, as well as the buyers and retailers of the finished diamonds & rough diamonds from around the world.

Dubai is fast emerging as a significant diamond hub driven by demand from the growing Indian and Chinese middle classes, .With worldwide demand for diamonds set to grow by 6% a year to 2020, Dubai is vying for a piece of the world's diamond pie, competing against other global diamond hubs, such as Antwerp and Mumbai.Dubai's location means it can serve as the gateway into parts of Africa and the Middle East, and the emirate is taking concrete steps to gain a foothold in the market.

Located in the heart of a rapidly growing consumer market, Dubai has developed into an integral hub for the import and export of rough and polished diamonds. Dubai is the regional tourist diamond ditribution center from Antwerp to the diamond mall for the middle east. During the last decade, the Emirate has successfully joined the ranks of leading international diamond centres such as Antwerp, New York and Mumbai, and has been recognised as one of the world’s top four diamond trading centres.

While an overwhelming majority of diamonds today are cut and polished in India, more than a third of all diamonds worldwide are sold in Asia and the Middle East, a market share that continues to grow.With its business friendly environment, including seamless company licensing processes, zero taxation, first-class infrastructure and facilities, and strong regulation, DMCC provides one of the most attractive and beneficial environments for international diamantaires.Half of the jewelry trade in Dubai now consists of diamonds, with many of Dubai's diamond jewelry sellers located in one central location - the Gold and Diamond Park. There, some 90 retailers operate tax free in a secure location.“Security is a key selling point here,”“The U.A.E has a relatively low crime rate and burglaries are rare,” Pricing, security and location - all helping to position Dubai as a new international diamond hub.

Today, diamonds represent over 50% of the jewellery trade in Dubai. In 2010, total diamond trade volumes in Dubai reached a record value of US$35 billion. The increased growth in the volumes of diamonds traded through Dubai was mainly driven by demand from India, Belgium and Switzerland, as well as new markets such as Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.